About Us

BOLD.TRAVEL is a leading travel company, organizing bucket list holidays in Africa. One of our past clients worded it very aptly – ‘you don’t just organize holidays, you make dreams come true’. Humbled by this compliment, we have taken it on board and our motto has become exactly that: we will pull out all the stops to make your dream holiday come true. Whether you prefer to roam in some of the wildest areas, travel to the finest wineries or simply watch the sun go down in one of the most beautiful areas in the world – we take care of it all, down to the finest details.

Sure, that is what you can expect when you book a luxurious holiday. However, our luxury twists are what makes the difference. No sterile hotelrooms which look the same the world over, but an ‘Out of Africa’ luxury tent for that once in a lifetime ‘glamping’ experience whilst on safari. No red carpet nor glossy limousine, but a genuine warm welcome by your personal butler with a glass of the finest bubbles and a game drive in a 4×4.

To make life easy you will receive a fully interactive, personal online itinerary. Download the free app and you will have your personalized itinerary with you at all times.

We understand that you don’t have hours to spend on Google trying to figure out where to go, what to do, when to go, and so many more unknowns. Contact us, we listen to your plans and will turn your dream into reality, surpassing even your boldest expectations.

Be Inspired. Be Bold. Travel!

Meet our pasionate BOLD Team





20 years ago Claudia left Holland to explore the world, set foot on African soil and never looked back. It took a 3-year stint in South America to drive the point home – there is something special about Africa! Having worked for large luxury operators such as andBeyond, the Elewana Collection and SkySafari, she learnt quickly that dealing with people’s dreams is probably the toughest and at the same time the most rewarding part of her role; you simply have to live up to and surpass people’s expectations. So BOLD.travel was born. Here she can use her passion for inspiring people to come to Africa every day.

If you are enquiring about a holiday, you will probably speak directly with Claudia who will tell you all about her experiences in Africa. Then all you have to do is be bold, take that step and travel with us to Africa. Simple, isn’t it?




Rosemary is in charge of our social media marketing and inspiring people to travel to Africa is what she does all day, every day. Her motto? Just do it. Rosemary compares travelling to Africa to having a ‘laat lammejtie’ (Afrikaans for a child born many years after its siblings) – she has never met anyone who has regretted it!! Africa is a continent so diverse, there is something for everyone. You are bound to make connections with generous-hearted, fun loving Africans who will enrich your life.

When her eyes are not glued to her screen, checking on her social media accounts, Rosemary explores large parts of Southern Africa with her husband and two teenage sons. Both boys are avid rugby players and are the stars of Rosemary’s personal Facebook!




Bernd oversees all our finances. His down-to-earth nature and eye for detail ensure that no transaction goes past Bernd’s desk without scrutiny. Bernd was involved in the take-over of one Holland’s largest tour operators and with his entire team ensured that all ran smoothly from a financial perspective. His understanding of different financial systems and his ability to make them all work together seamlessly make sure that our team is able to provide our guests with quotes quickly and efficiently. His passion for international trade helps us a great deal too.

Bernd’s downtime? You can find him exploring Europe together with his family, in search of that great dish and that outstanding bottle of wine as the good life is what we all love at Bold Travel!




In Africa the elder tribesmen are a vital part of any community. Not only are their years of experience and knowledge integral to the success of any operation, they will patiently teach ‘the youngsters’ all the life lessons they have learned. Congregations of the elders often take place under a shady tree, with endless views of Africa and her wildlife.

Although we have tried to have our meetings under a tree (Hans much prefers his comfy office, home-brewed cuppa and his Apple) Hans is no less a mzee than his African counterparts. His many years of experience in running businesses successfully, his ability to liaise with people from all walks of life (he somehow builds trust and before you know it, you have told him your entire life story) and his can-do attitude are a great asset to our small team. Hans ensures that the rest of the team keeps their feet firmly planted on the ground when our plans get too big. On the other hand, his ability to strategize and think big has ensured that our company keeps going from strength to strength.




Nienke’s passion for “all things internet” shines through in everything she does. It goes without saying that she creates beautiful websites, but Nienke’s strength lies in her background as a scientific researcher; she ensures that all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. Our online trip descriptions, inspiring images and informative mail-outs are all Nienke’s work.

Monday mornings are for ‘what else are we going to add to the site’ as our website reflects what we do as a business, forever looking for better and different. This is why you will that our site if often changing and being updated.

Nienke spends her free time exploring some of the world’s best golf courses with her partner. And every time after those golf holidays she comes back with lots of exciting new ideas and plans for www.bold.travel – watch this space!


Giving back

‘Giving back’, ‘responsible tourism’, ‘corporate social responsibility’ – buzz words at the moment but they all come down to the same thing: when you travel to a destination, ensure that your spent benefits as many African people and their environment as possible.

As we speak, it is not possible to wear only fair trade clothing, be completely carbon neutral wherever you travel, use only operators who are completely socially responsible, or at least not in Africa. However, at Bold Travel we consider it our duty to give back as much as possible. We work together with small operators throughout the continent – most are owner-run who operate several programs to benefit the local communities they operate in. Think health awareness programs, operating small clinics, school projects, educational programs aimed at conservation, to name but a few.


On top of that Bold Travel supports the following initiatives:
www.kivulitrust.org – KENYA

This special school is located in Gilgil, 2 hours north of Nairobi in Kenya. Founded by passionate people who are still involved ten years later, we have seen first hand that every penny/dollar/euro which gets donated benefits the children and staff directly. The board of the school all work on a voluntary basis.
Kivuli operates a school for physically and mentally challenged children and provides a safe haven for them during school time. Two hostels offer about 110 children the often much needed care, proper meals and homely environment as sadly only 1% of the 3 million mentally disabled in Kenya receive an education. Kivuli is well on the way to up that percentage!
When you book your holiday with Bold Travel you will notice a small contribution added to your invoice, which Bold Travel matches and pays over to the Trust. If you prefer not to contribute, no problem whatsoever, simply ask us to remove it and we will do so right away.

www.throttle-the-bottle.org/ – TANZANIA
A picture is worth a thousand words:

Some staggering statistics:
Let’s say you and your family go on holiday in Tanzania, one week on safari, one week at the coast. Mum, dad and three kids. Each drinks 2 liters a day using 4 half liter bottles. In two weeks you will have added 280 bottles to the ever increasing pile of plastic rubbish. In 2016 Tanzania received 1.3 million tourists. If every tourist was equally thirsty and had taken our advice  that Tanzania needs at least two weeks to be explored – 73 million plastic bottles in that year alone were used.
Everyone who comes to Tanzania with us will receive a re-usable waterbottle which can be filled up at all the lodges and camps thereby contributing to a healthier environment for Tanzania’s flora as well as fauna.

www.travelforimpact.com – BOTSWANA

This initiative channels funds from tourism back into community projects. The projects range from conservation projects to cultural projects, from those aimed specifically at women or vulnerable children to providing a Community Bus which offers transport to those who need it.
We add USD 1 per person per bednight to your invoice and Bold Travel matches that amount. If you prefer to have this removed, please just ask. As it states on the website of Travel for Impact:
If every tourist who slept in our beautiful country paid 1 USD for every night they spent here, we would raise in excess of 300,000 USD per year.

We travel

Make A wish

Many years ago we saw close by what incredible work Make A Wish does and how much the wishes they make come true, benefit a sick child. If you haven’t heard of Make A Wish: it’s a foundation which grants wishes to critically ill children. And these wishes range from “I would like to see a real unicorn” to “I would like to see The Big Five in Africa”. With the latter, that’s where we come in. It has been an absolute privilege to work with Make-A-Wish and make a range of different wishes related to Africa come true. The kids’ courage in the face of adversity is simply humbling and we are so very glad that we can contribute to the smiles on their faces when they first set foot on African soil.

Here are some of the wishes that we have made come true so far:
“I would like to see the Big Five in Africa”
“Giraffes are my favourite animals, I wish I could see them in the wild”
“I love Africa and I would like to go to local villages and make friends with the African people.”
“I would like to see whales in a different continent and go on safari”
“My wish is to go on safari and sleep in a tent so that I can hear the wild animals outside”
“When I grow up I want to be a wildlife vet. My biggest wish is to that I join a wildlife vet in Africa to see what he does every day”

Thank you very much to our partners from Make A Wish and we look forward to creating many more unforgettable experiences in Africa for your Wish Children.

Paul Joynson-Hicks Wildlife Photography