About Us

BOLD.TRAVEL is a leading travel company, organizing bucket list holidays in Africa. One of our past clients worded it very aptly – ‘you don’t just organize holidays, you make dreams come true’. Humbled by this compliment, we have taken it on board and our motto has become exactly that: we will pull out all the stops to make your dream holiday come true. Whether you prefer to roam in some of the wildest areas, travel to the finest wineries or simply watch the sun go down in one of the most beautiful areas in the world – we take care of it all, down to the finest details.

Sure, that is what you can expect when you book a luxurious holiday. However, our luxury twists are what makes the difference. No sterile hotelrooms which look the same the world over, but an ‘Out of Africa’ luxury tent for that once in a lifetime ‘glamping’ experience whilst on safari. No red carpet nor glossy limousine, but a genuine warm welcome by your personal butler with a glass of the finest bubbles and a game drive in a 4×4.

To make life easy you will receive a fully interactive, personal online itinerary. Download the free app and you will have your personalized itinerary with you at all times.

We understand that you don’t have hours to spend on Google trying to figure out where to go, what to do, when to go, and so many more unknowns. Contact us, we listen to your plans and will turn your dream into reality, surpassing even your boldest expectations.

Be Inspired. Be Bold. Travel!

Our Team

Meet Cliff Hunter and Claudia de Vries! Lifetime partners and travelers with 3 kids. Of course its part of the exercise to give you some facts and tell you how brilliant we are, so here goes!

More than 40 years combined experience in the travel world! We have lived and worked in more than 19 countries! We know every aspect of the travel experience – from backpacking to the most outstanding lodges in the world!



Owner & Guide

Owner, guide, passionate traveller, makes sure that all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted before you set foot on your flight, in charge of operations. Born and bred in South Africa, Cliff feels most at home when he is out exploring Africa, finding that new exclusive tented camp, trying out the latest fine wine, sampling that afternoon’s freshly caught lobster (“no need to add anything but salt” he will tell the chef, “it’s tasty of its own”). Cliff has worked in tourism for over 20 years, worked in every country south of the equator in Africa and now calls Kenya home, where he lives with his three children and his wife Claudia.



Owner & Operations Manager

20 years ago Claudia left Holland to explore the world, set foot on African soil and never looked back. It took a 3-year stint in South America to drive the point home – there is something special about Africa! Having worked for large luxury operators such as andBeyond, the Elewana Collection and SkySafari, she learnt quickly that dealing with people’s dreams is probably the toughest and at the same time the most rewarding part of her role; you simply have to live up to and surpass people’s expectations. So BOLD.travel was born. Here she can use her passion for inspiring people to come to Africa every day. If you are enquiring about a holiday, you will probably speak directly with Claudia who will tell you all about her experiences in Africa. Then all you have to do is be bold, take that step and travel with us to Africa. Simple, isn’t it?

Why Us?

So why are we quite simply the best people to holiday with? Because we make the perfect team! Cliff will take the Land Rover anywhere – the thought of a new road, different routes, finding that new lodge in the rain forest, disappearing for days with the kids to find the Ecuadorian brown chested red necked, three legged bee eater is his dream come true, and Claudia is the one who makes sure it all runs perfectly and that everything is there as needed.

Claudia checks distances, rainy seasons, border opening and closing hours, how many empty passport pages do we need. Claudia finds shops in the Masai Mara that will stock the gluten free and wheat free flour that Guest Mrs Jones needs! Claudia makes it work – exactly to your needs!

When you contact us – you are our mission and we do not and will not stop till you have had the most memorable, fantastic, well organized, ticked all the boxes trip-of-a-lifetime.

The biggest reward for us is that mail or phone call when you, our guest, have experienced it all!

We travel

Our Partners

Together with our carefully selected partners, BOLD.Travel designs personalized safaris and holidays. With experts in every country (many of whom are lifelong friends), we strive to bring you the most exceptional guest experience.

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