Some of our Travel Essentials – don’t leave home without them!

Having traversed the length and width of Africa, we at Bold Travel never leave home without these essentials:

• Photos of all our important documents on one of our mobile phones
• A kikoi. This piece of material in bright colours can be worn as a sarong (handy if you have to cover up), as a scarf for chilly evenings, be used as a towel or simply as a blanket on dusty soil when you watch the sun go down over the African plains
• Emergency number of our travel insurance
• A promise to ‘go with the flow’ – when travelling in Africa, things don’t always run like clockwork, but those times have often provided us with the most memorable experiences
• A star gazing app on our mobiles. We can almost guarantee you that at some stage during your holiday in Africa you will feel dwarfed by the enormous skies. Take some time to unwind and simply stare up at the night sky to try and locate your star sign, or any of the other clear constellations.

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