Your BOLD Bucketlist

Most of us have several things they still want to do in this lifetime. We have found that our list gets longer, the more we travel. Here are some of our bucket list items which we have ticked off and can highly recommend to you too. Enjoy!

Breakfast with a Giraffe

A real giraffe? Yep, a real giraffe. A wild giraffe? Yep, a wild giraffe. We told you that Africa is special!

Have a look – this was Claudia’s breakfast at Giraffe Manor the other day.

This is what she had to say: “I had seen the website, heard lots about this grand Manor Estate but nothing could have prepared me for what a fantastic experience it was! You are literally having breakfast WITH a giraffe. I was on my own and my companion was, you guess it right, a rather large giraffe! Whilst I munched on my fresh fruit kebabs, he munched on his pallets, and we did so in companionable silence. That afternoon I was in my room on the second floor and I am sure that the same giraffe just came to check out to see if I was okay by sticking his head through my bedroom window. Well…okay…perhaps the big bucket of pellets in my room had something to do with it! All in all an unforgettable experience, and I ended up adding it to my personal bucketlist, with a bold tick next to it!”

If you’d like to have a similar experience, have a look at our bold holiday:

Find Nemo & Simba in Kenya – 15 days

Spot The Big Five

Even though you know that Africa has so much more to offer than ‘just’ The Big Five, they are often the first animals that come to mind when we talk about wildlife, or game, in Africa. Lions roaring at night, elephants ambling by, buffalo staring back at you, leopard leaping out of a tree or rhino standing stately under a thorn tree – it’s what safari Africa is made of.

“Where is the best place to spot them?” is one of our frequently asked questions. Our answer – wherever you have the most luck because they are in Kenya, as well as in Tanzania and in South Africa.

By the way, did you know that they are called The Big Five because in the olden days, these were hunters’ most priced trophies? Nowadays fortunately we only ‘shoot’ with cameras.

And if you would like to impress your parents with your knowledge, speak with your guide and ask him to show you The Small Five. (Ant lion, elephant shrewd, buffalo weaver, leopard tortoise, rhino beetle).

Wildebeest Migration

Every year more than a million wildebeest and zebra migrate from Tanzania to Kenya and back again, literally in search of greener pastures. They follow the rains as these bring green grass. The circle of life from Walt Disney’s The Lion King’s is played out here – rutting or mating / giving birth and trying to steer clear of the large amounts of predators who follow the migration is part of the life of a wildebeest & zebra in East Africa. As the wildebeest are always on the move, their whereabouts at any given time are not an exact science. However experience has taught us what the best areas are for different months of the year. Be sure to mention that you would love to see one of those spectacular river crossings when you ask us about your dream safari.

Either of the following suggested itineraries gives you a good opportunity to witness this natural phenomenon, the choice being dependent on the month you plan to travel in:

Kenya – A sensory delight – 14 days

Brilliance of Tanzania with Zanzibar R&R – 15 days

Hot Air Balloon Safaris are offered over the Masai Mara and the Serengeti. Both experiences are equally thrilling.
Children have to be 7 years or older.

Kenya – A sensory delight – 14 days

Tanzania Safari – Tick List – 8 days

Hot Air Ballooning

Cliff describes this bucket list experience:

“We get collected from our camp when it’s still dark. Not sure why I agreed to get up at sparrows but the coffee & cookies has helped waking me up. The excitement starts with a game drive through a park where you are normally not allowed to drive after dark. My eyes are peeled for that elusive ‘aardvark’ but it’s not meant to be. No worries because we arrive at the launch site just as the sun peeps over the horizon. Our pilot tells me to lie down in the basket “Really, this is a bit weird, why can’t I just step into it” is my first thought. I figure it out quickly enough – as the balloon fills with warm air, it rises, pulls the basket straight and off we go, we are airborne! Majestic, pinching myself, is this really happening?, peaceful, breath-taking ; all of that in the first minutes of my hot air balloon safari. I won’t describe it further, come and see for yourself!

Swimming with Dolphins

This is another one of our activities with animals (have a look at Breakfast with a Giraffe), which will put a smile on your face. There is something about dolphins which makes them look like happy animals – they seem to be perpetually smiling!
During your stay on Zanzibar you can be transferred to the East Coast where you will board a small motor boat. Make sure you have your fins, snorkel & mask at the ready as your boats man scours the horizon for any movement in the water. Off he goes, and as he gets close he will tell you to jump in. Full of excitement you dive in and then there is nothing but the sound of your breathing through your snorkel with a smiling dolphin in front of you!

The following suggested itinerary gives you a good opportunity to swim with dolphins:

Brilliance of Tanzania with Zanzibar R&R – 15 days

Climb Table Mountain

Rising over a thousand meters above Cape Town, and around 500 million years in the making, Table Mountain is a must-visit destination on any holiday in South Africa. It boasts more plant species per square kilometer than a tropical jungle, but frankly speaking, most of us just go there for the incredible views. If you’re up for it, hike to the top in a few hours, or board the cable way which is a fair bit quicker!

You are free to wander around on the top, perhaps enjoy a beer in Cape Town’s highest pub before you return to what is arguably the prettiest city on earth.

Sample the Finest Wines

South African wines are known the world over. And visiting one of the wineries will show you why that is the case. It’s the love, the passion and the determination which goes into creating these fine wines, reflected in the wineries, their set-up, their love of good food & wine. Epicurean comes to mind!

You can choose to stay overnight at a winery so that you can truly appreciate the stunning landscape and enjoy all that the winery has to offer, many a time this ranges from spa treatments to outdoor activities such as horseback riding with a picnic in the vineyard (with a glass of crisp Chardonnay of course!). Alternatively we can book a lunch for you and you return to your hotel in Cape Town or along the Garden Route later on.

This sneak peak into a life very different from your own will leave you amazed.

Tanzania Safari – Tick List – 8 days

Find Nemo & Simba in Kenya – 15 days

Interact with the Masai

This friendly tribe has kept its traditional customs throughout the years. As semi-nomadic people they are used to living in the wildest areas of Africa and co-exist with the wild animals you have seen on your game drives. Learn how they do that, listen to your guide explain all about how ailments and illnesses are cured by what can be found in nature, and have fun with the Masai Warriors who show how strong they are by making the highest jumps.